The Politecnico di Milano Lecco Campus was ideated in 1989 thanks to the collaboration between the University and the Institutions in the districts. It answers to the need of having a technologic branch able to combine the excellence of the most important technical university in Italy with the peculiarities of a specific area that is rich with companies and activities.

The new Campus was completed in 2013. Shared and backed by the whole community, it is a strategic intervention closely connected to the local productive context and with a strong international vocation. The University residence was completed in March 2015, making Lecco one of the first examples of Campus in Anglosaxon fashion in Italy.

The line of development for the Lecco Campus in the present and in the upcoming years will be an enhancement of research thanks to the presence of CNR (the National Research Council). Already in 2007, an agreement was signed to ratify the its establishment inside the Lecco Campus, with its own building for offices and research laboratories.

Key elements of said agreement are the sharing of laboratories between the two institutions to create sinergies to rationalize investments, to create inter-institutional teams and to offer a single interface for companies and institutions.

Opened in 2013 • 40.000 m2 • 2.000+ students • 27 classrooms • 229 computers • 28 labs • Library with reading room, multimedia room, bar • 200+ beds for students e researchers • 20 kW with solar panels
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