Lombardy Cluster Technologies for Living Environments

Regione Lombardia identified UniverLecco as an aggregator and coordinator towards the establishment of the Lombardy Cluster Technologies for the Living Environments.


What is it a Cluster?

Technological Clusters are organized aggregations of companies, universities and other public and private institutions devoted to research and innovation. They are suitable to contribute to international competitiveness both of their reference territories and the national economic system.— Art. 1, comma 4, Bando MIUR D.D. 30.5.2012, n. 257 —

Lombardy Clusters

Clusters are part of the development strategy defined by Regione Lombardia. They are conceived as privileged spokesman, and they actively collaborate and support policy-making and normative aspects.

Lombardy Cluster TAV

The Lombardy Cluster Technologies for Living Environments is a multidisciplinary partnership whose breadth comprises the whole development cycle: innovation, integration, testing, promotion of products and services. It is composed by research institutions, big enterprises, SME and micro enterprises, associations, foundations. Said network actively participates to the development of the territory on a local, national and european scale.

Univerlecco as coordinating partner

This relevant acknowledgment came as a result of the 10-years commitment and excellence of the association and its territorial partners in collaborative research on rehabilitation.